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Hand Up Toronto is committed to ending food insecurity in Toronto. Our goal through our service delivery is to remove barriers to accessing healthy food and other essentials. We are lead and operated entirely by volunteers who share our mission and our values. Food insecurity is a systematic issues and as an organization we are dedicated to use our voice and our actions to advocate for families and against policies and decisions that keep people in poverty. 

Our focus is providing support for families that require short term food assistances while providing help and transitional support for families that require more extensive intervention. 

Working together as volunteers and with other members of the community we can end food insecurity. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to extend a “hand up” to our community by delivering nutritious food, resources, and basic necessities with the support of our team of volunteers.

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Our Values

Collaboration: We believe in working both together and with our community to provide the support that our families need. 


Equitable Access to Food: We believe that no one deserves to live with food insecurity and that we will work to dismantle barriers to food and nutrition


Adaptability: We believe that the reasons families may be food insecure change over time and that to best support families we are committed to adapting and evolving to meet the needs of our community. 


Operational Efficiency: We are committed to ensuring our organization is efficient, lean and agile to best meet the needs of our community

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