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Space used to facilitate operations to distribute grocery care packages to families in need

Toronto, ON, May 2, 2020 — (Hand Up Toronto) (“HUT”) announced they are collaborating with East Room — a premiere co-operative work environment tucked away in Toronto’s east end known for connecting work, leisure and culture.

Operating out of a 1920s industrial warehouse building, East Room is donating their 8,000 square feet warehouse space to facilitate HUT’s Hand Up for Kid’s operations. The space will be used to assemble grocery care packages for families in need. HUK was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on low-income families with children who rely on school food programs to stay fed. Families who are unable to access grocery stores or have not maneuvered the food bank system before can also benefit from this initiative. It aims to help provide healthy grocery care packages to families in need during these times of uncertainty. By partnering with East Room, HUT is able to provide a dedicated space for volunteers to practice physical distancing while streamlining HUT’s package assembling processes and maximize logistical efficiencies.

As of today, Hand Up Toronto has:Packaged and delivered more than 1,450 grocery care packages to families throughout the GTAA growing network of over 100 dedicated volunteersRaised more than $50,000 with 100% of proceeds going directly to the families in need

With over 18,000 families currently signed up on HUK’s list requesting assistance, it is evident that food insecurity remains a pressing issue in Toronto — an issue that will require the combined resources of more than just one charity to be resolved. With East Room’s dedicated space, HUT can focus their continued efforts to serve and give back to the community to alleviate food insecurity in these times of uncertainty and need

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